Monday, January 2, 2012

Crafty Christmas Presents

I hope that everyone has had a relaxing Christmas and New Years with family and friends. We have had a lovely holiday and a big family Christmas, but unfortunately my parents went home yesterday and Nathan starts back at work today (sigh!). The girls and I got some lovely homemade presents for Christmas so I thought I would share some of these:

Since I made buba an entire wardrobe, I thought I should probably make Ellie something too! I made her this elephant using this tutorial. I had plans of making more for other babies in the family but ran out of time!

My Mum made every couple in the family a mushroom bag from calico to store mushrooms properly. She included a recipe on how to use them. A quick and useful gift I thought!

My aunt and uncle gave Ellie this lovely tunic made by Chelsea Thorpe who had a stall with my cousin Holly. She has a degree in fashion design and her clothes are gorgeous. My sister Erin got a very cute romper suit as well for her new buba.

My cousin Holly made these gorgeous shorts for Ellie.

I love the little bow details both Hols and Chelsea put on their clothes. Definitely stealing that idea! Holly also made some tights with doily knee pads for Erin. Stealing that idea also!

Holly made Mia this skirt with gorgeous smocking. She was going to try and take credit for the smocking, but in the end owned up to it being a pillowcase. What a great idea!!

Here is the smocking detail.

And finally the best for last. The quilt my Mum made Ellie. My friend Susan had also sneakily contacted her to get some of the fabric to make Ellie a coordinating pillowcase!

Here it is up close. She made Mia one too!

Aren't we lucky having such fabulously creative family and friends!?

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  1. The elephant is great, i might have to follow your tutorial! Love the dress chelsea made, her clothing is gorgeous! I'm in a bridal party next weekend and she has made the dresses, they are looking lovely. Gorgeous shorts and skirt to, love the smocking!