Friday, August 26, 2011

Wuffy the Dog

We have a new pet at our house - Wuffy the Dog. Wuffy has been around a lot the last couple of days. Today Mia asked me to make Wuffy a dog costume (to go with the cushion dog house, plastic bowls of water and rice cracker "dog biscuits" and dog toys - which are Ellie's baby toys). I wipped some ears up really quickly on the sewing machine and made her a tail from a large piece of black fabric tape. I love that I could make her something quickly that has provided so much amusement!

Hand and Foot Print Art

This is Nathan's Fathers' Day Present. I told Mia to keep it a surprise, but no such luck! Ellie thought having her hands and feet painted was a pretty cool experience. Mia painted the canvases.