Sunday, August 4, 2013

Okay so I haven't blogged since the time of the dinosaurs!

 I am not sure why I stopped blogging for over a year. I have still been creating, including a stage of selling from kids clothes at markets and online, but I have decided that is far too stressful and time consuming to continue doing alongside raising a family and other work commitments! I loved putting my creations online and keeping a record of all the things I created for my family, so I am going to attempt to resurrect my blog.

Mia my eldest and all her friends have been turning 5! Here in New Zealand children start school as soon as they turn 5 which seems crazy if you are American or English, but its just the way things have always been here. M had a Fairy Tale party which I will try and share photos of another time, but her friend Belle is having a dinosaur party. I decided (or M nagged me until I gave in!) to make a dinosaur tail each for Belle and Mia to wear to the party. My decision to make two was mainly made by the fact that the two girls have known each other since they were babies and are highly competitive, so Mia turning up to Annabelle's party with a dinosaur tail while Belle went without was highly likely to end in boasting on Mia's part and tears on the birthday girls!

My girls tested them out yesterday. They stomped around like dinosaurs, had tail fights by wiggling their bums and Mia even went for a jump on the trampoline in hers and wanted to wear it to bed.
The tutorial for the tails can be found at the awesome Running with Scissors blog. It was very easy and clear to follow and I just converted all the measurements to cms for us metric minded folks. One piece of advice if you ever want to stuff something, go to the Warehouse and buy cheap pillows, much cheaper than buying stuffing from the craft shop!

I can see hours of enjoyment being had by my girls with the tail, although I think I may have to make another one for Ellie to avoid fights!